Quality vegetarian feed for healthy growth and nutrition

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Feed Composition

Our feed is made with agricultural ingredients, having more vitamins and minerals than ordinary feed.

Composed of agriculture products like Maize and Soybean meals, our feed contains the crude protein levels necessarily required for your birds. These combined with essential vitamins and minerals make our feed what your flocks need to strive and optimise their performance.

Vs. Ordinary Feed

Superior Quality. Added Nutrition.

  • All-Vegetarian

  • All Vital Nutrients

  • Ensured Quality

  • No Hormones

  • Natural                                                                                

About Our Feed

Supreme Nutrition for Birds

Healthy feed, healthy birds

Our premium poultry feed is manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials, keeping the bird's health in mind.

Supreme health
Supreme growth

Raw Materials

Aqua Feeds give prime importance to quality. This has made it essential for us to establish and document the Quality Management System. The effectiveness of implementation shall be reviewed periodically by the top management.

Aqua Feeds is committed to the manufacture and supply of quality fish feeds consistently to achieve customer satisfaction through effective implementation of the Quality Management System.

Our Quality Control Wing performs extensive investigations to improve and measure the quality of our products. We make sure that no compromise is made with quality during the production process.


  • State of Art Technology
  • High Quality of Raw Materials.
  • Compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Continual improvement by providing resources to achieve our quality objectives through audits and management review meetings

Process Overview

Aqua feeds production secures the right nutritional ingredients in the finished product together with the physical criteria’s linked to the different aqua feeds products.

The main ingredients are marine raw materials, vegetable raw materials and other ingredients such as starch, pigment, vitamins and minerals.

The Aqua feeds processing line have advanced operating systems and the process is centerly controlled

A group of visionaries and drivers of excellence


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