Our purpose

Better access to safe and healthy food

Our Goal

Working on safe and healthy food across Pakistan.

Every day, we work towards ensuring better access to safe and healthy food for a growing global population. We do this by providing our customers with the products and services they need to look after their animals and manage the sustainable development of their businesses. This is reflected in our company’s mission and vision.

Our mission

As a family business in animal nutrition we provide a growing contribution towards sustainable production of safe and healthy food.

We do this by advancing our customers – the producers of meat, fish, milk, and eggs – and by continuously improving quality, transparency, and cooperation throughout the food production chain.

Our vision

Aqua Group Animal Nutrition contributes towards the sustainable availability and accessibility of safe and healthy food worldwide. We do this with the utmost care for climate, environment, and animal welfare.

With our products, knowledge and experience we contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, the improvement of living conditions and economic development in the local communities in which we operate. We achieve this with involved and entrepreneurial employees, who continue to develop themselves. Together we take responsibility to realize our vision every day.

Leaders With a Vision

Aqua Group management stems from the very people who founded and built the company from scratch. These personnel are not only drivers and leaders of the company but also, the leaders who are transforming the core value concepts into actual realities with their broad vision and mindset. They lead the company as role models for their team, inspiring them to create a more efficient and transparent organisation.

A group of visionaries and drivers of excellence


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