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At Aqua Farms, we house broilers and breeders, under properly controlled sheds that have state-of-art equipment installed.

About Us

Healthy Feeds Since 1981

Aqua Feeds brings a new generation of efficient floating fish feeds which help to achieve the best possible economic performance in your fish ponds. Our concept optimizes the feed to a targeted performance in terms of Feed Conversion Ratio and Growth Rate without depending on particular raw materials. It supplies the digestible energy needed for maintenance and the targeted growth performance at each stage in the fish life cycle. It delivers an adequate amount of digestible proteins with the right amino-acid profile in order to enable the fish to fully utilize its growth potential. It provides the vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients necessary for growth and development. Utilizing advanced optimization tools and the results through research and trials, our team of product developers can efficiently match the nutritional requirements of the fish at each individual growth stage.


Highest Quality in Poultry. Trusted By Businesses.

Fish Feed

High quality Raw materials Excellent Water Stability Optimum Nutritional Value Enriched with Minerals, Vitamins and Supplements Excellent FCR

Full of Vegetarian Goodness

The no-compromise policy is at the root of the company’s policies and is reflected at every stage

Supreme Nutrition for Cattle

Supreme Nutrition for Cattle

Our feed is made with agricultural ingredients, suited directly to your animal’s requirements, be it for calf or milking.

Our products are preferred by hotels, cafes, restaurants and other businesses.

How We Work

Perfecting Nutrition. Defining Excellence.

The no-compromise policy is at the root of the company’s policies and is reflected at every stage.

Animal welfare is our priority. We do not use hormones or steroids to stimulate growth of birds.

Our success in feed nutrition lies in countless hours of research and development.

Our Businesses

On our farm is where we make a difference

Aqua Farms

Aqua Farms has constructed breeding farms equipped with state-of-the-art technology with a provision for housing a total of 2.5 million broiler and breeder stocks. The group has breeder farms scattered throughout the country.

Bird Growth and Nutrition

Our feed is made from agricultural raw materials and by-products. All these are checked for quality through our standardised procedures detecting moisture content, aflatoxin levels and nutrition content.

Supreme Nutrition for Cattle

Producing all-vegetarian, high quality poultry and cattle feed for all farmers to optimise high growth, excellent health and overall performance of the birds and the cattle.

Farm-Fresh eggs

Our delicious, nutritious and safe to consume eggs will bring delight right to your table, add to your family’s well-being and make your kids smile, all with that excellent protein content.


We work together with livestock and aquaculture farmers and international partners. The goal is always the same: to incorporate this knowledge int our nutritional products and services to improve the results for our farmers.

Our Award and Achievement

Having the expertise and the commitment to serving you with the best of customer services, we bring more than just experience and business to the table. We bring quality, health, and nutrition combined with benefits for you in product feedback, certified processes and a well established reputation with all of our clients, going back to our founding date.

A group of visionaries and drivers of excellence


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